Clinical Medical Assistant

If you are highly sociable and enjoy working with a variety of people on a daily basis and have a passion for the medical field, then becoming a Clinical Medical Assistant is certainly a good career option for you.

As a Clinical Medical Assistant, you will perform a variety of tasks that will put you face to face with both a variety of healthcare practitioners and patient’s alike.

clinical medical assistant

In this line of work, you have the opportunity to provide assistance to a diverse range of individuals and utilize your medical knowledge in order to provide the best care possible.

Job Responsibilities

The Clinical Medical Assistant job description will vary based on the healthcare practitioner that chooses to hire you, as well as the setting in which you choose to work.

A Clinical Medical Assistant has a wide range of responsibilities. Depending on your geographic location, healthcare setting and the practitioner for whom you work, some of your responsibilities may include sterilizing medical instruments, collecting laboratory specimens, assisting with x-rays, recording vital signs and arranging for admissions to a hospital.

Each of these job responsibilities require communication skills in both verbal and written form, organizational skills, mathematical skills and the ability to work well under pressure and maintain a friendly attitude towards a wide array of individuals.

Other responsibilities of a Clinical Medical Assistant include maintaining a clean and orderly environment for both employee’s and patients. You will also be required to perform inventory related duties. A Clinical Medical Assistant is responsible for keeping supplies such as medications, samples and other related materials efficiently stocked and maintained.

These particular responsibilities will require you to have both analytical and mathematical skills as well as excellent communication skills. In addition, you will need to posses good organizational and multi tasking skills in order to maintain organization in a fast paced environment.

Each healthcare organization will have a different Clinical Medical Assistant job description and a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant will likely be exposed to a wider range of responsibilities and opportunities. You can achieve a higher rate of success by attending a Medical Assistant training program and earning your certification today.

In most cases, a Clinical Medical Assistant’s primary duties will focus solely on clinical tasks. However, in some cases, you may be required to perform administrative tasks as well including greeting patients, performing secretarial duties, filing paperwork and other duties depending on the size and needs of the healthcare organization that chooses to hire you.

Therefore, it is important that you possess up to date computer skills as well. You should have knowledge to operate standard office software, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office programs like Microsoft Word, Access and other programs. In addition, you should have good receptionist skills and typing skills with excellent accuracy.

As a Clinical Medical Assistant, you will be expected to perform a wide range of duties depending on the needs of the healthcare practitioner that selects you for hire. The Clinical Medical Assistant job description will vary from practice to practice, so it is important to ensure that you possess both clinical and administrative skills in order to do well.

Utilizing the Opportunity

To be successful as a Clinical Medical Assistant, one must possess exceptional interpersonal communication qualities. You will often be required to explain procedures to patients or provide them with directions on how they should take certain medications. You must be able to communicate clearly and effectively in order for patients to understand important instructions.

A Clinical Medical Assistant must also have good problem solving skills. Often, you will be the first medical personnel that a patient speaks to. It’s your responsibility as a Clinical Medical Assistant to inquire as to what has been ailing the patient, what they are being seen for and a brief history of the medical concern at hand.

If you enjoy the medical field and like socializing and caring for others, than becoming a Clinical Medical Assistant is the perfect career choice. Another benefit to this career choice is that the Clinical Medical Assistant salary has a higher income earning potential.

While the pay scale will differ based on your location, the organization for whom you work for and whether or not you have your certification, a typical hourly wage for a Clinical Medical Assistant was $14.31 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics in May of 2010.

A Clinical Medical Assistant has the opportunity to utilize clinical healthcare knowledge as well as general office knowledge. The job responsibilities are diverse and give you the chance to perform a wide variety of tasks in an enjoyable field, and you can earn a great wage while doing so.

If this sounds like the career you’ve always been dreaming of, than you can get started with a Medical Assistant training program today and begin working as a Clinical Medical Assistant.

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