Medical Administrative Assistant

The role of a Medical Administrative Assistant differs from that of a Clinical Medical Assistant, in that your job responsibilities will be of an administrative nature rather than performing clinical tasks, in most cases.

medical administrative assistant

A Medical Administrative Assistant often serves as the front line to patients and visitors. For the individual that is friendly, outgoing and can handle a large amount of responsibility in a reliable manner, the Medical Administrative Assistant career path is an excellent option.

What are the responsibilities of a Medical Administrative Assistant?

The Medical Administrative Assistant job description will not be identical for the many positions that are available. Each healthcare organization will have a specific set of responsibilities that they will want you to perform. However, there are many standard duties that most offices will require of you in your line of work as a Medical Administrative Assistant.

An Administrative Medical Assistant will perform a wide range of administrative and clerical duties. In the administrative role, you will be expected to greet patients and visitors both in person and on the telephone. You should have superior communication skills because you will be required to speak to many different individuals and provide them with instruction and direction.

You will be instructing patients on certain forms they need to complete, updating any address changes or changes in insurance, as well as collecting the necessary insurance information and co-pay. Many Medical Administrative Assistants perform bookkeeping and accounting duties as well.

In your role as an Administrative Medical Assistant, you will perform secretarial duties that include answering telephones and working with computers. You will be expected to answer incoming telephone calls as well as making out bound calls.

A Medical Administrative Assistant schedules patient appointments, arranges for admission to hospitals and communicates effectively to collect laboratory specimens.

Assisting patients with their medical records is a large part of the Medical Administrative job description. This requires organizational skills and an understanding of the privacy and security rules set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), established in 1996. It is imperative that you maintain HIPAA compliancy in order to protect patient’s rights, as well as to protect the organization in which you work.

It will be your responsibility to keep up to date patient records and ensure that all information contained within is accurate. You may also be required to assist patients when they request copies of their medical records. Patients must complete specific forms to request access to their records; it is important that you follow HIPAA standards to ensure that the forms are complete, accurate and current in order to provide patients with access to their medical records.

The key responsibilities of a Medical Administrative Assistant are secretarial duties, record keeping and, in some cases, managerial duties that include overseeing the smooth operation of the medical front office. As a Medical Administrative Assistant, you are not confined to employment in only hospitals and doctor’s office but have the ability to work in dental offices and other types of health related organizations as well.

Because of the benefit of being able to work in a wide range of office settings, the Medical Administrative salary can be a lucrative one. A Certified Medical Administrative Assistant has the added benefit of earning more money, because of their additional education and their credentials. The Medical Administrative Assistant salary is well paid, but will vary depending on the type of setting in which you work.

Getting Started Today

The career path of a Medical Administrative Assistant is one with many avenues. While you have the ability to work in hospitals, private healthcare practices and many others, you will also have the option to work in other health related fields such as dental offices or mental health practices.

A Medical Administrative Assistant possesses superior administrative qualities that include managerial capabilities, office organization, multi tasking and advanced customer service qualities. There are many responsibilities required of a Medical Administrative Assistant and having these qualities will make you an excellent choice for hire.

If you’re a well organized individual with advanced communication skills and an eye for detail, than becoming a Medical Administrative Assistant is the perfect career path for you to follow. Candidates that have completed a Medical Assisting training program are in high demand and those that have their Certification in Medical Administrative Assisting are in an even higher demand by employers.

The job prospects for a Medical Administrative Assistant are numerous. There are many different office settings in which you have the capability of working in. If you enjoy working with people in a fast paced and rewarding environment, than becoming a Medical Administrative Assistant is right for you.

You can attain the success you’ve always desired by working in this gainful and rewarding career field. To get started on your path to future success, you must begin by completed a Medical Administrative Assistant program today.

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