Medical Office Assistant

The intricate workings of a medical front office ensure a patient’s seamless cycle in and out the door. A medical office assistant guarantees an undisrupted flow, thereby optimizing patient care and satisfaction.

medical office assistant

Their work is foundational to the full health system – they become a liaison between patients, practitioners, and insurers. They are the glue that keeps things together.

Interested in a vibrant and secure career in the medical field? You can find yourself in a healthcare facility in no time as a medical office assistant. With proper training, you can enter the medical field with the competence to succeed. Plus, you can begin your medical office assistant training right away and work it around your current schedule.

Medical Office Assistant Job Description

A medical office assistant provides clerical and administrative support for the front office operations of a healthcare facility.

Front office duties involve managing patient files, obtaining insurance information and authorization, processing insurance claims, billing and bookkeeping, scheduling appointments, arranging laboratory testing and hospital admissions, answering phones, and patient relations.

A medical office assistant enjoys more than paperwork and phone calls. They serve as a face of the medical facility. A medical office assistant is often the first to greet a patient.

They thus have the opportunity to add a personalized and caring touch to a patient’s visit. Though a medical office assistant is integral to process and flow, they also help soften an environment that is often sterile and bleak.

Medical office assistants correspond with medical professionals, insurance personnel, and patients, at times, within just a few breaths. Their training makes them well-equipped to address each individual in a manner appropriate to their place within the health system.

Their administrative duties enable a patient to enter and exit the office with ease. By ensuring the proper information is relayed between patient, medical practitioner, and insurer, a medical office assistant supports a smooth cycle through the office. The result: a satisfied and healthy patient.

A medical office assistant salary is based on experience, skill level, and location. On average, an entry level medical office assistant can expect an annual salary between $25,000 and $30,000.

Medical of assistants play a vital role in healthcare. The demand for trained individuals is on the rise. If the medical office assistant job description appeals to you, begin your training today!

Medical Office Assistant Training

Through proper training, medical office assistants are prepared to succeed in any medical facility. They are a valued part of any office team, because their comprehensive training enables them to take on a variety of responsibilities within the office.

Medical office assistant training develops the skills necessary for office management. Individuals learn record management, appointment scheduling, billing and bookkeeping, computer skills, and best practices for internal and external communications.

For the more technical aspects of their job, individuals learn medical terminology, insurance coding and procedures, patient charting, medical ethics, as well as hospital and laboratory procedures.

Comprehensive training in the above mentioned areas is obtained through coursework and hands-on experiential learning. Training enables medical office assistants to fulfill their role with an excellence that exceeds the mere completion of duties.

Trained medical office assistants contribute to daily operations, but also the quality of care and overall experience a patient has in the office.

What to Expect

The healthcare industry provides indispensible services. Hence, it continues to thrive. Furthermore, industry growth yields increased opportunity and sustained job security. Medical office assistant jobs are on the rise. If you seek a stable and successful career in healthcare, medical office assisting may be for you!

The need for trained medical office assistants is growing. Respond to the demand, and begin your training today!

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