Registered Medical Assistant

Everyone has the desire to achieve specific career goals and to be successful in their line of work. Most seek out career paths that have a clear opportunity for growth and advancement. As a Registered Medical Assistant, one can achieve those exact goals.

registered medical assistant

Becoming a Medical Assistant allows you to enter into a career field that provides you with countless job opportunities, along with the ability to advance and succeed in your designated field. It also allows you the opportunity to make more money, as a Registered Medical Assistant salary is typically higher than those without any credentials.

As a Registered Medical Assistant, you will possess the training and education that employers search for in seeking out new employees. These advanced qualifications make you a superior choice and give you the edge you need in order to stand out from the competition.


The responsibilities of a Registered Medical Assistant will vary between both administrative and clinical tasks. In this particular line of work, you will be required to be proficient in both areas of duties. As a Registered Medical Assistant, you will need to possess and utilize superior communication skills as well as clerical skills.

The administrative duties that you will be expected to perform include creating and maintaining medical records, performing secretarial duties and managing insurance information including billing and payment information. These responsibilities require an individual to have superb organizational, multi tasking, communication and computer skills.

On the clinical side of things, as a Registered Medical Assistant it will be necessary for you to perform a variety of functions. Clinical responsibilities include, but are not limited to, recording a patient’s vital signs, providing assistance during the taking of x-ray’s, preparing and sterilizing medical equipment for use as well as many other duties.

A Registered Medical Assistant is someone that is well educated and respected amongst their fellow associates. As a Registered Medical Assistant, you will be expected to excel in your responsibilities and have exceptional skills in your line of work.

The Exam

Both Registered Medical Assistants and Certified Medical Assistants are credentials that are preferred by employers. Just as in the case of becoming a Certified Medical Assistant, you will be required to take a Registered Medical Assistant test in order to attain such credentials.

registered medical assistant test

The American Medical Technologists offers the exam for a fee of $90. The Registered Medical Assistant test consists of approximately 200 multiple choice questions that will test your expertise in a variety of subjects, in both clerical and clinical areas.

The exam can be administered in a variety of different methods. It is possible to take a computer administered exam or a written exam in person, or you have the option of taking the exam online. Whichever method you choose, you should plan to study and prepare for the test before applying to take the exam.

Once you have taken and passed the exam, you will be awarded with the title of Registered Medical Assistant and have access to more job opportunities compared to those lacking such credentials.

The American Medical Technologists does require that you keep your credentials up to date. In order to maintain your title of Registered Medical Assistant, you must complete a specific number of credit hours related to continuing your education and submit that information through their Certification Continuation Program. Additionally, they require an annual fee of $50 in order to keep your registration current and up to date.

You may not take the exam if you have not completed a training program. If you have not yet had the opportunity to attend a Medical Assisting school, now is the time. You can get started with a Medical Assistant training program today. Once you have successfully completed your training, you may apply for and take the exam to become a Registered Medical Assistant.

Starting Your Education

As a Registered Medical Assistant, your credentials will stand out to employers. By indicating that you have achieved the status of a Registered Medical Assistant, your knowledge and expertise will immediately be recognized and desired.

A Registered Medical Assistant has the education and experience that healthcare practitioners want in an employee. Your credentials are a testament to your professionalism and proficiencies in all areas and responsibilities of a Medical Assistant.

When you take the next step to achieve an even higher rate of success, it indicates dedication and commitment to your chosen field. Employer’s want to hire individuals that they know will stay committed to their line of work and properly care for their patients.

Possessing these qualifications opens up many opportunities to work in a variety of healthcare settings. The Registered Medical Assistant salary is also on average a higher wage than that of the competition holding no credentials.

The benefits of becoming a Registered Medical Assistant are many. From more employment opportunities, higher earnings and a variety of healthcare settings to choose from, becoming a Registered Medical Assistant is an intelligent choice if you want to get the most out of your education.

You can begin achieving your goals by first attending a Medical Assistant school. After completing the appropriate training program, you can apply for and take the exam necessary to become a Registered Medical Assistant and get started on your path towards success.

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